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    ☄Amsterdam, 1992 (NL)
    ☯ Amsterdam based
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    About Me

    In 2022 I graduated from Piet Zwart Instituut, Rotterdam, a master related to architecture and research. Previously graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam as an autonomous artist. Amsterdam is where I was born, raised and where I still live. Currently my studio is in Halfweg at Bogota.


    I'm happy to share:
    ➟ June 24 (opening) till Sept. 17, Opposing Flatness @IJsselbiennale, location Centrale Harculo, Zwolle

    Visuals of current projects are on my instagram and facebook
    About my Work

    The practice revolves around studying surfaces in (geological) depth, which are then explored and revealed. Resulting in spaces of reflection and contemplation. The scale can vary from a small spatial detail to a whole province, relating to topics such as infrastructure, the ground and daily life. As a process based maker, the many material experiments and collages, results in sculptures and installations.

    Materials are their own beings and I can relate to them through their intimate details. Materials crack and crumble even though they seem firm, they break after a moment of cold spontaneously, shine brighter than hoped for and sometimes, they do as expected, like life does. This dialog with the material is often the start of a work. Using construction materials, like concrete, glue, plaster, clay, fabric, wood and metal. Its shape unfolds in the chosen place, usually those spaces have this derelict or unfinished status (the building-up and the abandoned).

    Through architectural elements, meaningful details of that specific place, form the shape. The abstract sculptures/installations influence or overtake that space. It forces a relation between the space and the viewer, due to its size. Structure is used in a literal and symbolic way. My fascination for construction comes back to the process of becoming.

    Mentioned in articles/published:

    BK info, beeld eindexamenwerk, 2022
    AT5, 2022
    Video portrait about recidency Ginds: Lieverlede Aardwerken by Stichting Trace, 2020
    Haarlems Dagblad, Residency Ginds, 2020
    Apéro Fine arts magazine, theme Industrial, 'De Dag Dat Ik Je Vond'
    Jegens en Tevens, 2019 about 'Not For Profit Art Party'
    In Zuid, 2018 about 'Dag Dat Ik Je Vond'
    MetropolisM, 2017 about 'Floating'
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  • Resume

    2020-2022, Piet Zwart Insituut, Rotterdam
    2013-2017, Gerrit Rietveld Academie, Amsterdam

    Solo Art projects:
    2020, Kunstkapel, Amsterdam
    2020, A SPACIAL COLLAGE at Expoloods, Bogota, Halfweg
    2018-2019, De Dag Dat Ik Je Vond at Strawinkylaan 10, Amsterdam Zuid

    Group Shows Selection:
    2023, GRONDTONEN at Centrale Harculo, IJsselbiennale, Zwolle
    2022-2023, ZOHO at Neck of the Woods, Rotterdam
    2022, Underfoot and reaching into the light at Huidenclub, Rotterdam
    2020, #SOFTMARKET at 'Frank Taal Gallery', Rotterdam
    2020, NON PROFIT ARTY PARTY at ‘Almonde Pension’, Rotterdam Art Week
    2019, HECTOBAR 3.0 at 'Neck of the Woods', Rotterdam
    2019, PS at 'Parksessies', Haarlem
    2017, GRADUATION SHOW at 'Gerrit Rietveld Academie', Amsterdam

    Other Selection:
    2022, Guest teacher, Art+ class at Spinoza Lyceum Amsterdam 2022, Teacher assistant, Spatial Design at WDKA 2020, Residency GinDs, Hoofddorp
    2020, Residency Opium Atelier, Halfweg
    2019-2020, course: Bcademie, Rotterdam
    2018, Guest speaker for Art+ class at Spinoza Lyceum Amsterdam