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    locatie Amsterdam, 1992 (NL)
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    About Me

    I graduated July 2017 from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie in Amsterdam as an autonomous artist. Amsterdam is where I was born, raised and where I still live. Also, I work in Amsterdam, my studio is at Broedplaats Lely.

    Evenementen voor: De Dag Dat Ik Je Vond
    Vrijdag 1 maart om 6 uur vindt een evenement plaats met Nadja van der Weide en Sara de Monchy.
    Er zal een podcast worden beluisterd die HIER te downloaden is vanaf nu! Mocht u meer informatie willen kunt u altijd emailen of kijken op facebook.
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    This project is sponsered by the AFK Fund.
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    Visuals of current projects are on my instagram and facebook
    About my Work
    Artist Statement 2016/2017

    In daily life it is easy to miss the beauty of the surrounding environment. For me, beautiful things could be seeing a sparkle in the water, the sun which is lighting up some pieces of dust or small cracks in clay. These examples are visual details, atmospheres, filtered from daily life. Often my work starts from a detail like that.

    Such a visual detail is volatile. It is over before you realize that it happened. For me, those small moments leave a huge impression. It makes me long to be in that moment for a longer period of time and emerge in it. My longing for that visual detail causes motivation and necessity to produce a work.

    Due to my longing to be in a volatile moment the work often is a large scale sculpture or installation.

    Then, it is time to experience the produced work.

    Mentioned in articles

    1. In Zuid over de Dag Dat Ik Je Vond
    2. MetropolisM over Floating

    2013-2017, Graduating from the Gerrit Rietveld Academie

    Art project:
    2018-2019, De Dag Dat Ik Je Vond at Strawinkylaan 10

    Other: 2018, Guest speaker for Art+ class at 'Spinoza Lyceum Amsterdam'
    2018, 2 months assisting Leonard van Munster with public sculpture at 'Raum'
    Group Shows:
    2017, GRADUATION SHOW at 'Gerrit Rietveld Academie'
    2017, TIME IS THE FIRE IN WHICH WE BURN at 'SSBA Salon' (stadsschouwburg)
    2016, APOPHENIA (Art&Research) at 'De Nieuwe Dakota'
    2015, ARE YOU ALIVE OR NOT at 'De Brakke Grond'
    2015, PROSPECTS&CONCEPTS at 'Art Rotterdam'

    2017, Metropolis, mentioned in article about the GRA graduation show. 2016, APOPHENIA, research text 'Control' part of Art&Research.
    2016, group work initiative Tine Meltzer part of Art&Research.

    Participated as performer:
    2015, HESITANT AUTONOMY at 'Gerrit Rietveld Academie'
    2015, EYE ON ART at 'EYE Film museum'
    2014, CECI N'EST PAS UNE TA-RA-RA-BOOM-DE-AY! at 'Het Orgelpark'
    2014, VOICE~CREATURE OF TRANSITION at 'De Brakke Grond'
    2013, COMMUNITAS by Aernout Mik at 'Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam'