Studio Work(s)

Some side projects and models have qualities that trigger something which excites me and are therefore important to share.
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Untitled (woodworks), 2019.
28 Used wooden structure (repeting elements), studio space, photographs.
Dimentions: (12x) 20x20 cm

This studio work is proces-based and could develop into multiple things.

Rules of the photographs:
One: All wooden elements need to be used in every variation.
Two: Every photo is framed with the same back drop, namely a wall.
Three: No time limit.
Four: 12 black and white photographs.
Five: Shape is what it is, like the wood.

In this spacial work imperfection is very important. The wooden elements are a side result of another proces, they have been used for something completely different and have written marks on them.
The assimilations themselves where moments in time. Part of a proces of building up and breaking down and repeating that. I had to use all pictures and as I have not worked with analog film much, I assumed the pictures would be imperfect too. During the making I was listening to a podcast about authenticity, which made me question if my self censuring results in quality or not.

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Pillar model.jpg
Pillar model 1.jpg
Mini pillar (working title), sculpture 2018.
Concrete, metal mesh, orange ratchet band.
Dimentions: 80 X 30 X 30 cm

This is a model for a bigger version.

Something fragile pretending to be robust. Four loose pieces, connected together by orange contrast.
The differences of the four disappear and they become one pillar.