Studio Work(s)

Some side projects and models have qualities that trigger something which excites me and are therefore important to share. Also, some projects are just finished.
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A Tinge of...
Multiple works
Both pictures are made at Frank Taal Gallery, where the work is part of #Softmarket.

(left picture) A tinge of..., installation, 2020.
Canvas, wood, doorhandle.
200x100x100 cm

Observing a stain (vlek) in my studio for the Opium Atelier residency was the starting point of this project. It is a flat marking on the ground or specific special imperfection in my atelier. The context of the studio is a key element, so the goal was to bring parts of the original context in a modified form to the gallery of Frank Taal where the work is shown.

(right picture) Multiple works © Emma Kroos 2020.
Easy as A, B, C
Easy as A, B, C, sculpture 2019.
Wood multiple sorts, robe, latex, bolds, stickers.
Dimentions: 60x30x50 cm

This work was started after graduating in 2017. It is about motivating oneself to start, which is an action that never ends.

© Emma Kroos 2020
Pillar model.jpg
Pillar model 1.jpg
Mini pillar (working title), sculpture 2018.
Concrete, metal mesh, orange ratchet band.
Dimentions: 80 X 30 X 30 cm

This is a model for a bigger version.

Something fragile pretending to be robust. Four loose pieces, connected together by orange contrast.
The differences of the four disappear and they become one pillar.

© Emma Kroos 2020