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Untitled (Woodworks)

Serie 1 foto 5
Serie 1 foto 8
Serie 1 foto 8
Serie 1 foto 8
Serie 2 foto 1
Serie 2 foto 4
Serie 2 foto 7
Serie 2 foto 12
Serie 3 foto 3
Serie 3 foto 5
S3 f9/12
S3 f12/12
UNTITLED (WOODWORKS), ongoing photo series of temporary installations, 2019-ongoing.
22 Wooden elemens at the start, varying spaces, analogue camera.
Photographs test-printed on 20x20 cm.
Dimentions of sculptures and installations are variable.

It started as a spacial exploration of what is possible with left-over wooden elements. By setting up rules for the work-method and format it became suitable as a series. The temporary scultpures and installations are photographed with an analogue camera to document of the process. Each series of 12 photographs is made in a different space. The very specific wooden elements relate to its shape, the space and the fact that they are photographed. The series end when there are less than three wooden elements.

As it is a process based work, imperfection is an important part of the journey. If a photograph would end up black, or a sculpture collapses partly it would still be included as part of the process. During the making I listened to a podcast abouth Authenticity that influenced my thinking a lot.

©Emma Kroos 2020