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De Dag Dat Ik Je Vond
(The Day I Found You)

Overview Predestrian Perspective
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De Dag Dat Ik Je Vond, Sculptural installation with events 2018-2019.
Sculpture: Metal, spraypaint, concrete, cement, light, pink filter.
Dimentions sculpture: 380 X 190 X 70 cm

Related events: performance by Nadja van der Weide and musical improvisation Oscar Jan Hoogland.
For the upcoming event with Nadja van der Weide, the first of March, a link for the podcast will be HIER.

This own-initiated, temporary art project is specially made for the public space of the Zuidas in Amsterdam.
The sculptural installation, placed in an empty space behind a large metal fence,
is a reaction of development of the area in the vicinity of Station Zuid.

The full text is visible on the event page in the link:
Text Sara-Lot van Uum

This project is made possible with the generous support of AFK Fund (Amsterdams Fonds van de Kunst).