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A Collection of Stories

A COLLECTION OF STORIES, visual research, 2021.
This project reflects upon the Noordoostpolder, a man-made region in the Netherlands.
Over the years the region published 'Structuurvisies' which analyses the history and provides a vision for the future. At the core of these visions is the core of the Noordoostpolder.
My aim for this project is to shine a different light on the region; using the sun as a method of planned unpredictability. What you see is a collection of collaged blueprints.The Noordoostpolder characteristics come from research.
Found images show cultural and physical characteristics, like architecture, religion, climate, and agriculture e.g.
Through collaging, the images tell a different story from the Structuurvisies that creates space to rethink the region; like a visual philosophy.
What if a building would be designed using this visual philosophy?

©Emma Kroos 2022